Charities We Support


serve people, especially those that are in a situation of social vulnerability, economic, educational or cultural,
to achieve full inclusion and achieve a fairer society, solidarity and respectful with the environment atmosphere.
Being an entity focused on person, where this is the axis main to improve her situation,
 attending in a first instantiates the basic need of food,
for later work with them from social intervention, seeking his social and labor insertion.
 Responsibility: Involvement with the entity, environment social and environmental, always betting on the person.
 Solidarity: Effort to improve the conditions of lives of the most disadvantaged, through the collaboration of all people.
 Tolerance: Acceptance and respect of differences, seeing the person and not their religion, origin or sexuality.
 Social commitment: work oriented towards the people in the field of basic needs,
 carrying out a series of activities aimed at improve their quality of life, physical and mental well-being.
 Interculturality: Coexistence, exchange and learning between different ethnic cultures, without no discrimination.
 Sustainability: Search for environmental, social balance and economic.


Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International Costa del Sol is part of a worldwide NGO (non-governmental organization) with more than 72.000 members in 121 countries.

We work towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, supporting or developing projects to reach our main goal, which is improving the status of women and girls.

The top priorities of our club in Mijas are education, the fight to stop violence against women and projects promoting a sustainable food system. The members have decided to focus on local projects, making use of their language skills and their links with foreign residents and organisations.

Cáritas – La Cala de Mijas

Cáritas is an organisation that helps people in need.

Here at Cáritas, La Cala de Mijas, our main activities among others are based on placement and accompaniment of people.

As for placement, we listen to people who come to us and explain their tough situation. We confirm that this information is correct through the Social Assistance in La Cala. We then periodically proceed to give them food, clothing, personal care products or medicine.

Accompaniment involves going with them to Public Institutions, where they are given advice about the documents they have to present and get paperwork done in a short period of time. They also receive guidance on finding a job and positive results which will eventually improve their situation.



Drang is one of La Cala Lions’ most interesting projects and one we have financially supported since the group’s inception.

Antonio and his wife Giselle had a dream to keep children out of harm’s way and interest them in the countryside all around us on the Costa del Sol. And so Drang was born in the cork forests behind La Cala de Mijas. This educational project has brought children closer to natural spaces and where they have learnt about the flowers and fauna.

Recently a group of La Cala Lions, who have supported Drang since its inception, visited the site. Here they learnt about the future project to include older children and work alongside schools too. Drang has now been accepted as a non-profit-making enterprise and its benefit to the well-being of all young people is a sure certainty! As well as their forestry expertise you can hear some of the children and young people playing their drums and supporting other charitable events. Antonio and Giselle need to be applauded for their selfless attitude, not only to the local children but also to children with special needs.


La Cala Lions with the Mijas Volley teamMijas Volleyball


CP Mijas Volley under 16’s female team have brought an end to a fantastic season, winning their league, the Andalusian championship and finishing third in the Spanish Championships!

The team which is part of CP La Cala de Mijas Volleyball Cub, recently visited one of their main sponsors, La Cala Lions, where they posed together for a photo with their two trophies they won during the season.

CP Mijas Volley under -16’s journey began with their impressive form in the league and they would end up winning the province’s top tier Liga Oro undefeated.

This ensured their place in the Andalusian championships. CP Mijas volley continued to impress in the first phase, winning their group and making it to the finals in Seville.

The team defied all odds and took Gold in the final against Tomares, and this in turn sealed their spot in the Spanish championship, which was partly funded by La Cala Lions.

CP Mijas Volley continued their impressive form in the national event, which was held in the Murcia region, topping their group by beating their three opponents.

But their run finally came to an end in the semi -final, though they still collected a bronze medal as they won the third play -off. What a season!