• Charter Night 2023 Photo Gallery

    Charter Night 2023

    June 16, 2023
    La Chaparral Golf Club
    La Cala de Mijas Lions celebrate 25 years in Lionism at their Charter Night The la Cala Lions celebrated their 25th Anniversary at The Green Label Restaurant organised by our social secretary Dave Greenwood. It was also their Charter Night when they acknowledge their Charter into the Lions Association and diners were able to hear some facts about Lions worldwide. Since their inauguration they have raised 1.4 million euros to donate to those in need here in Spain and worldwide. Wynson Beswick the current President is now finishing her very busy year and welcomed in the new President Brenda Meredith. Everyone agreed Wynson has been a great President - not only our oldest President but certainly one of our busiest. She will be a hard act to follow! She and Brenda were presented with beautiful bouquets crafted, together with all the table decorations, by Lion Julie Barry. All the Lions wish Wynson and Brenda much happiness in their new roles. Wynson’s closing speech was a great surprise for a very worthwhile organisation here on the Coast del Sol. "I would like to finish by acknowledging a local organisation that is doing some life enhancing work in our local community, explained Wynson. " Antonio and his wife Gisella, set up the wonderful organisation DRANG here in La Cala. Drang gives children the opportunity to connect with nature, to experience the sounds, the smells, the rhythm of nature and to explore and learn in a natural environment. Drang also gives children freedom to create and learn; to swing form a tree; or build a den out of branches; to jump in muddy puddles with no ramifications; to plant a seed and watch a sapling grow. Drang allows children to be children and is a very special organisation. Antonio and Gisella recently invited 10 children to attend Drang from a local school, all of whom have either mental or physical disabilities. This is now a weekly activity for these children that gets them out of the classroom and supports their emotional happiness. This has been such a positive experience, that Drang has expanded to also welcome the able-bodied children from the same school, so that they can play, learn and most importantly integrate together. Through Drang, the boundaries and segregation are being broken down and these children can be united and learn kindness, compassion and understanding. Obviously, this collaboration needs more assistants and resources and of course funding. At the end of my presidency, I am given the discretion to donate to a charity or organisation of my choice and I think you all might know where I have chosen to donate." Antonio and Gisella were delighted to accept the cheque for 5000 euros on behalf of the Lions to help them continue with the life enhancing work they are doing…"