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    Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

    February 15, 2023
    La Sierra Restaurant
    La Cala De Mijas Lions and some of their supporters enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of good food and wine served by manager Jeremy and his team at La Sierra restaurant at Cerrado de Aguila Golf on Wednesday afternoon 15th Feb. While tucking into a 3 course lunch accompanied with wine, beer or soft drinks the fabulous Mark Connor royally entertained us with his Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley tribute act. 450 euro was kindly donated to the La Cala De Mijas Lions Childrens Charity event by one of our sponsors PCC Wealth and the event raised a total of 1700 euro. Lions president Wynson Beswick thanked everyone for attending to support this great cause and gave a special thank you to PCC Wealth for their generous donation. She explained that the funds raised would be used to organise a special party and memory day for children with cancer in our area, also some of the funds will go to AECC who have 8 properties that they maintain near Malaga hospital where families of children with cancer who are in the hospital for treatment can stay and some of the money raised will go to Andreas Oliveras who have set up a special room called the white room in Malaga hospital where children who are waiting to see the oncologist can wait in a calm relaxing environment.