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    President’s Evening 2023

    September 9, 2023
    La Sierra Cerrado del Aguila Golf
    La Cala de Mijas Lions Celebrate their new President The Lions and their friends gathered at La Sierra Cerrado del Aguila Golf for a celebration evening of good food and entertainment at President’s Evening. The 100 guests were gathered for the first social event of the office of the new President, Brenda Meredith. Brenda opened the evening with a short introductory speech welcoming all to the event. Entertainment was provided by the musical duo Sweet Illusion and solo singer Cassie. John Sharples was the MC for the evening and was in top form with his unique manner and kept the evening running smoothly. A magnificent three course meal was served by Jeremy and his staff with wine glasses being topped up to keep the atmosphere very festive. During the meal Sweet Illusion provided music from the 60’s right through to date ensuring there was music for all tastes. Lions Julie and Sandie along with John Sharples went through the tables selling the raffle tickets along with the 100 board. The raffle table was laden with 11 magnificent prices along with the 10 extra special prices for the 100 board. Just before the close of the evening, President Brenda presented a gift to a special Lion, Anne Bowles, to thank her for all her help over the years and especially for her tireless work in running the Diabetic Support Group. The evening was a great success and Brenda was amazed that the event had raised over 2000€ which would go to further support those in need throughout the Mijas area. For further information about the Lions go to their their Charity Shops in Calle Torremolinos, La Cala de Mijas or tel: 637 185 533.