IBEX Insurance Fuengirola

IBEX Insurance Fuengirola support the La Cala Lions because they help and have helped many worthwhile causes.

All the Lions are very dedicated, as well as dedicated they are all very supporting in every way and happy with it.

The IBEX girls always have the most amazing fun whenever they attend any of the organised charity events.

We will always support and be behind the Lions all the way.  Great Charity, great people. Keep up the good work.


PCC Wealth

La Cala Lions President, Wynson Beswick, was delighted to receive 2000 euros donation from Kevin Birtles -Managing Partner of Private Client Consultancy (PCC Wealth) on the occasion of their 2nd anniversary.

This donation is specifically for a young lady with Spina Bifida. She will receive a  specially adapted electric wheelchair to make life easier for her, whilst she completes her university studies.

Since PCC Wealth’s inception 2 years ago they have continually supported The La Cala Lions with generous donations. “We are so grateful for their help” said Wynson Beswick. “They have enabled us to do what we are good at………helping us to help those in need”. An easy way for everyone to help our cause would be to shop at our Charity Shop in La Cala.


Miraflores Golf Club

Miraflores Par for the Course when it comes to fund-raising.

Miraflores Golf Club was opened in 1990 by the then Major of Mijas. Situated in a softly undulating valley if became immediately popular and today has a great membership of both shareholders and members. The large ex-pat membership has ensured a warm and inviting atmosphere around the club and their support for local charities has to be seen to be believed. They are constantly raising money throughout the year helping many local charities including Cudeca, PAD and the La Cala Lions Club. Recently the Lions were overwhelmed to receive a cheque from the Club’s lady Captain, Sue Marshall, for 5804.00 euros. Rob Marshall, Sue’s husband and also Past Men’s Captain, explained this large amount was raised in nearly one special event which held an auction. Thanks indeed to the two sponsors – Cirumed Clinic and Horizon Currency Exchange – together with the very generous club members who sometimes paid over 100s of euros just to support the charitable event. ‘Certainly well over the odds for some of the items!’ said Rob.

Wynson Beswick the Lions President gratefully thanked the club for this cheque which will help the Lions do what they do best – helping those in need.

We are now busy preparing special boxes of toys and clothes for children.  As well as the  children, families are not forgotten and we are gathering items for our usual drive to provide Christmas Bags of food and gifts for the local families in need over this holiday period. Once again many thanks to everyone involved. We could not do this without your help!

The Costa Connection Magazine

The name of our publication was chosen to portray exactly what we aim to do best, to connect people to other people, and to connect businesses to other businesses too.

We are more than a glossy publication; we are part of the community and we are proud to be where we are, among friends. We are also proud of the organisations that work so hard to help others in need, the La Cala Lions being at the pinnacle of such associations.

We would like to thank all our clients and collaborators that have made all our connections successful.